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Hello There, Welcome to my new post. Now you are here to see a real fight! Are You Ready? The fight is between“Blogger & WordPress”. Wanna know who wins! Let’s have a look at the fight with Pros & Cons.

Blogger Vs WordPress

Blogger Vs WordPress

Blogger WordPress are two popular and best blogging platform and you might have confused, which to use and which is the best. So in this post I will explain you all about Pros & Cons of Blogger & WordPress. Let’s check out which blogging platform suits you well.


 Blogspot is one of the best blogging platform used by millions of people in the world. Blogger is a simple platform in which it has simple themes and nice user interface which can be understood in just one look. Blogger was found by Pyra Labs which was then owned by Google. It does have a unique feature of integrating Google accounts easily and editing HTML / JavaScript. Now we can have a look at its features.

Features Of Blogger

  • It has a simple user interface and it is very easy to learn.
  • It has a visual layout editing feature which we can move and add gadgets to our blog.
  • It has a unique feature of integrating Google accounts easily.
  • Blogger is the best platform for Earning Money Online.
  • It has a unique feature of editing HTML / JavaScript directly
  • We can submit templates either paid and free to blogger.
  • Faster indexing of your posts & pages.

Advantages Of Blogger

There are many good qualities or otherwise advantages for Blogger.com and these are as follows:-

  • Blogger has a unique feature of integrating Google accounts.
  • Blogger can be easily connected with AdSense.
  • Blogger is completely and totally free of costs.
  • Blogger is one of the best platforms for Earning Money Online.
  • Blogger has a unique feature of editing HTML / JavaScript.
  • You can easily add any type of widgets or gadgets using HTML / JavaScript.
  • You can add templates either paid or free to Blogger and make your blog looks awesome.

Disadvantages Of Blogger

Blogger has disadvantages too. We can have a look at the disadvantages of Blogger

  • Blogger doesn’t have any elegant inbuilt themes.
  • Those who don’t know HTML / JavaScript can find harder to continue blogger if they are using any custom template.
  • Blogger has only small amount of inbuilt widgets.
  • Blogger doesn’t have much SEO as in-built.
  • Blogger is hosted and controlled by the service and you are admin of your blog.

WordPress   –

WordPress is also one of the professional blogging platform widely used by many bloggers. There are 2 types of WordPress – one is free (wordpress.com) & one is paid and professional (wordpress.org), the difference between the two will be discussed here – So Stay Tuned ;). We can now discuss the features of WordPress. I am now going to tell you about WordPress.org, not the free WordPress platform.

Features Of WordPress.org

WordPress has many good features, we can have a look at those:-

  • WordPress has a good SEO facility.
  • WordPress has 1,000’s of in-built templates.
  • WordPress is hosted by you and the full ownership is to you.
  • WordPress has 1,000’s of widgets.
  • WordPress is an open source which you can edit it’s source codes.
  • Have full online support from the company.

Advantages Of WordPress.org

There are many advantages for WordPress.org and those are as follows:-

  • It has many widgets.
  • It has many inbuilt templates.
  • You can edit it’s source codes.
  • You can do anything on your blog hosted on WordPress.
  • You can have a better-inbuilt SEO.

Disadvantages Of WordPress.org

When coming to disadvantages, it does also have many disadvantages. Those are as follows:-

  • You want to buy a host and set up WordPress and it does require a good budget of money.
  • Setting up WordPress will be very hard for newbies as it requires many humps and jumps to get ready.
  • You want to pay for premium widgets, plugins, and templates.
  • You have to set up AdSense manually into WordPress.
  • Earning Money by using WordPress has some tactics.

WordPress Or Blogger? Which Is The Best And Which Suits You

Now you read about the Pros & Cons of Blogger & WordPress and you might have got an idea on which blogging platform suits you. I think if you have money and you are about to dedicate your carrier for a professional blogging, I recommend you to select WordPress as your blogging platform. If you are in need to start a blog with free of cost, I recommend youBlogger.com. Now there are some things you want to be careful about. If you have any knowledge in HTML & JavaScript, you must turn your way to Blogger, It’s because you can create widgets and gadgets with HTML / JavaScript and you can edit your entire blog and make it awesome by editing the HTML of your blog.

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